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Activation and use of the AOS Vision Mobile App (ECP)

The AOS Vision mobile app is designed to work alongside the AOS web app, to enable pro or basic users to take images/videos of their patients' eyes in practice using the in-app camera or via a slit lamp.

AOS Vision App First-time Users 

Once you have created an account you will receive an automated email/text message.

  1. Click the 'Apple Store' or 'Google Play' link, whichever one is applicable to your device. 

  2. Then, download, and open the AOS Vision app directly from this link.

  3. Enter the 'ACTIVATION CODE' that was in the welcome email, followed by the 'PIN', Figure 1 & 2.

  4. Select the intended patient

pin and ac

Figure 1

Figure 2

5. You will then need to click 'CONFIRM' to reaffirm that you have selected the correct patient, Figure 3. 

6. Next, select either 'IN-APP CAMERA' or 'VIA SLIT LAMP' to capture the image/video(s). 

Figure 3

7.Now, click the plus button and take a photo/video of your patients eye, Figure 4.

Figure 4

8.Upon completion, select the image/video(s) that you wish to transfer, and click 'Transfer', Figure 5. The image/video(s) are transferred into the patient database in the Web app.


Figure 5

The time it takes to transfer will vary based on the number and size of the image/video(s), Figure 7.

9. Once the image/video(s) have successfully been transferred click 'BACK TO HOME'. This will take you back to the app home screen, Figure 3.

AOS Vision App Existing Users

  1. Enter the PIN to log into the app. This can be found below the activation code in the automated welcome email, Figure 1.

  2. Once logged follow 'AOS Vision App First-time Users' steps 4 - 9.





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