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Adding a New User

How to add new users to your AOS account.

To add a new user (either Pro or Basic) the global admin (or local admin with commercial admin rights) must first purchase additional accounts by visiting the licensing site, which is accessible via the Edit/View Licence button on the 'Admin' page, Figure 1. 

Figure 1

The global (or local) admin must increase the number of users based on how many licenses are now require, Figure 2.  

Figure 2

Click the 'purchase' button to confirm the new license(s), Figure 3. The customer account will be charged the additional cost for each license purchased.

Figure 3

Return to the main AOS website, by clicking on the 'Standard Site' (Figure 4) and go to the 'Admin' page (Figure 5). The user is now able to add new users. 

Figure 4

Figure 5

Once the user has the appropriate number of licenses (Pro or Basic), additional users can be added based on their role/admin level, (Figure 6). 

Figure 6

  1. To add a user, click on the 'Add' button in the top left-hand corner of the user's box and supply the appropriate details (Figure 7). 

Figure 7

Note: All usernames/email addresses must be unique, otherwise it can result in a system conflict.

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