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Admin Control Levels

There are 3 admin levels for a user: Global, Local, None.

Global Admin

  • A global admin is responsible for the main customer account management and is able to add/edit/delete groups and users.

  • A professional and/or basic user can have global administrator rights.

  • When a new customer account is created, the account creator is the global administrator for the system and has all the rights and associated controls readily available to them. Admin controls include the ability to add and remove users (both pro and basic) as well as control the payment details. 

Local Admin

  • A local admin is responsible for admin of the group they are in and can add/edit/delete users within this group.

  • A professional and/or basic user can have local administrator rights.


  • The user (either Pro or Basic) has no admin rights within the group. 

Note: If the user is not a global admin but has the commercial admin rights, the user will be able to purchase new licenses for their group. 

For more information on editing user settings, click here.

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