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Distance tracker calibration

Using the automatic distance tracker (default):

  1. Enter the patient’s height in the fields provided (figure 1)

  2. Select the patient’s gender

  3. Guide the patient through the instructions provided on their screen so the patient is in the following position

    • Facing the device with a straight back so their face is fully visible in the camera preview

    • Arms and hands straight out in front of them with their fingertips touching the front of their screen

  4. When the patient is in position, select the ‘Lock tracking’ button

  5. The ECP can now view the patient distance under the video preview (at this stage it will be in red)

  6. Once the patient is at the correct distance (a blue tick will appear when in range), select the ‘Next’ button to continue.

Figure 1

How to check the distance tracking:

Once the ‘Next’ button is selected above, the tracking will lock in place for the duration of the Distance test. If you wish to re-track the patient’s distance at any stage then select the ‘Check patient distance’ drop down that is available on the page at the start of each Distance vision test.

This will start up the distance tracker again and you will be able to check the patient is at the correct distance.

This may be needed if the patient moves during an exam or if you think the tracking was incorrect to start with.

Note: If the patient is mid-way through a test and needs to recheck their distance, you must abandon that current measurement as each measurement can only be recorded at one distance.

Using manual distance calibration:

  1. Manual calibration can be used in place of the auto distance tracking

  2. Select ‘Skip auto tracking’

  3. Guide the patient to the correct position prior to the start of each test

  4. The patient will need a tape measure (or equivalent) to measure out 3m (for distance vision) or 40cm (for near vision) from the device.

  5. Once measured out, they should put an object at that distance so they can remain in the spot for the entire measurement.

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