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Editing User Settings

Please see below for a more in-depth explanation of the settings when adding or editing a user.


Enter the registered email address in the 'User Name' field. Once accounts are created, you will need to contact if you wish the email address to be removed from the system so, please ensure the email address entered is correct before saving. See Figure 1 below. 

Figure 1


Select either 'Professional' or 'Basic', Figure 2. The role you select affects what the user can do within the software. See more about types of users here

Figure 2

Admin Level

Select admin level to allow the new user to add more users in their assigned group. See Figure 3 below. 

Figure 3

Selected Groups

If there is more than one group within the user organisation the admin will need to select the group, the user is to be a part of. User groups define what patient database the user can or cannot see. AOS recommends contacting support if the user is in need of multiple groups.


When the admin adds a new user, the 'Active' box will be checked as default, as shown in Figure 4. If the user wishes to deactivate the account for a period of time, un-check this box.

Figure 4

Commercial Admin

If this box is checked, the user will be able to purchase new licenses for their group. This will grant them access to invoices and to bill the card registered with the account, Figure 4. 

New Card

If this button is clicked and confirmed for any user (pro/basic/patient) the user will be sent an email with new mobile app login instructions. The user must click save for this to take effect. See Figure 5 below. 

Figure 5

Terminate Card

When clicked and confirmed, this terminates the mobile account related to the user (pro/basic/patient) and they will no longer be able to use the mobile app. The user must click save for this to take effect, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

Password Reset

If the user enters the incorrect password 3 times they will be locked out of their account. To activate the account and reset the password, the admin for that user will need to un-check the 'Locked' box on the user page and click the Password Reset button. See Figure 7 below. 

Figure 7



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