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Ending a visual acuity session and viewing results

On completion of the vision assessments, the ECP will reach the ‘Session completed’ screen (figure 1). Here, the ECP can repeat any measurements and there is also the option to conduct a recalibration before repeating measurements.

Figure 1

If the ECP wishes to recalibrate before repeating a measurement, select the ‘Recalibrate’ button first and then repeat any desired measurements.

Any repeated measurements will override the results of the previous measurements if conducted within the same session (i.e. the same measurement for laterality/correction cannot have two results in a session).

Ending the call:

When you are ready to end the session and disconnect from the patient, select the ‘End call’ button in Figure1. Close the VA tab and return to the patient summary page within the AOS site.

Viewing results:

On the patient record page in AOS, the second box of results will display the ‘Visual acuity history’. To view results for a specific assessment, select the icon under the ‘View exam’ column (figure 2). This will open a new page with the results from that assessment.

Figure 2

Distance/near vision assessments are shown separately even if they were completed in the same session.

Creating a PDF report:

To create a PDF, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the ‘generate report’ button (figure 3). This creates a PDF icon, select this icon to open the PDF report in a new browser tab (figure 4).

Figure 3

Figure 4

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