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FAQs - Visual Acuity

1. How does patient distance tracking work (automatic)?

When distance tracking is set up in automatic mode, the patient distance can be viewed on the left side of the screen before each measurement starts. The distance will show in red until the patient is within +/- 5% of the target distance (3m for distance vision, 40cm for near vision). Once in the 5% range, the value shows with a tick next to it. When measurements are in progress, the distance tracker locks in place at the last known value, it is then important that the patient remains still in that position for the remainder of the measurement.

2. Tips to get best results whilst using the automatic distance tracking

The auto tracking works best when the patient’s face remains visible in the screen at all times. Ask the patient to move backwards/forwards whilst keeping their face directed at the device. If the system states a ‘Tracking lost’ error, ask the patient to move back in so their face is visible until the tracker reconnects. The following can help improve the tracker:

  • Ensure patient’s face is uncovered (no face coverings, long hair in front of eyes)

  • Ask the patient to move somewhere with a plain background

3. When to re-check distance tracking?

If during the measurement the patient moves from the 3m/40cm spot, it is important that the measurement is stopped and the distance tracker is re-checked before continuing. When the ECP selects ‘recheck tracking’ the distance tracker automatically restarts. Ensure the patient is within the correct distance range for that assessment and start a new measurement to continue.

4. How do I end a call mid-exam?

The VA session can be ended at any stage. Every screen that includes an ‘End measurement’ button will end that current measurement and take the ECP to the session ended screen to say goodbye to the patient. If you need to exit the system straight away, the ‘Exit’ button on the top banner can be clicked at any time. This will prompt a warning message to say that results may be lost.

5. What happens if the patient ends the call?

The only option the patient has to end the call is to close their browser window completely. If this happens, the ECP will get a notification that the patient has disconnected from the call.

6. What happens if the patient doesn’t receive the email invitation?

If the patient does not join the call it may be because they did not receive the invitation. Contact the patient and ask them to check their spam folders and confirm their email address. If the email address is different to the one used, cancel the session and start the process again from the AOS patient summary page. If the invitation has still not arrived, you can copy and paste the link and PIN into an email and send it to the patient manually. This is provided on the screen after you select ‘Send Invitation’.

7. Printing the user result files

Result files are saved in PDF format and can be opened and printed from any PDF viewer. The PDF reports are available by opening a patient file to the summary tab and clicking on the ‘View exams’ report icon. The PDF for the file/session is in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

8. I can’t open my results file

This is likely that there is no PDF viewer application installed on the computer. A viewer is available for download from .

9. Software update notifications

The application automatically checks for available updates if an internet connection is available when opened.

10. Contact AOS

Information on all AOS applications is available online. Please contact us via the online contact forms. For any further information or enquiries regarding AOS and our products, please contact;

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