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Generating and viewing a report

Reports can be generated from every patient analysis session and are accessible from the patient summary page.

Generate report

  1. On completion of the patient’s analysis session a report can be generated by firstly selecting 'Generate Report', Figure 1.

Figure 1.

2. Then select the chosen images from the 'Image Selector' and click 'Generate PDF', Figure 2.

Figure 2

3. A PDF will be formatted using the images and results from the session and can be found by clicking on the PDF icon, Figure 3.

Figure 3

4. Notes from the ‘Comments' and ‘Treatment Pathways' boxes will also be stored within the report. There is an additional option to save these results to your local computer by right-clicking into the PDF and clicking 'save as’ or the 'download’ button shown in Figure 4.

Note: Saving the PDF outside AOS is optional, and all reports will be saved in the patient file.

Figure 4

5. Customer information saved in the admin page will appear on the top of all reports. This can be edited by any local or global admin within the user group and will be the same for all users in that group. The following can be included in reports, if applicable:

  • Clinic/business name

    • Clinic/business address

    • Clinic/business contact number

    • Clinic/business contact email

Saving an exam

6. To save an exam, click on the 'Save/Finish' button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. It is imperative that you click the 'Save/Finish' button to save an exam as otherwise no data will be saved, Figure 5. 

Figure 5

Previous examination 

  1. All saved reports from any previous session can be found in the 'View Exam' or 'View Report' column.

  2. To view a previous report, click on the PDF icon for the desired date in the 'View Report' column, Figure 6.

Figure 6

3. To view a previous examination, click on the exam icon for the desired date in the 'View Exam' column, Figure 6

How to save an individual image

  1. Clicking 'Export Image' saves an individual image within your Downloads file, Figure 7

Figure 7



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