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Gmail safe senders

This document is the process on how to create a safe senders list/ whitelist in your Gmail account. By creating one of these safe senders list it will allow you to receive emails without impediment.

How to create a filter
Step 1: Sign in to your account. On the upper right, click the cogwheel.

Figure 1

Step 2: Below the cogwheel click ‘See all Settings’ (circled in red)

Step 3: From here click ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’. (circled in red)

Step 4: Then click ‘Create a new filter'.

Step 5: In the ‘From’ field, type the email address you’d like to make a safe sender. In the ‘To’ field, add your email address.

Step 6: Click ‘Create filter’ at the bottom

Step 7: Then select ‘Never send it to spam’.

Step 8: Finally, click the ‘Create filter’ button to save your progress.

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