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How can I reset my AOS Vision app PIN and activation code?

If you or a user in your AOS user group has lost or forgotten their 4-digit PIN to access the AOS Vision app, please follow the steps below to reset it. Also, if you have had to delete the AOS app for some reason, for example if you have a new phone, then you will also need a new activation code as these are only valid for one time use. 

Step 1: The local or global admin will need to go to the Admin site, Figure 1. 

Figure 1

Step 2: The admin will then need to go to the Users section in the admin site and click on the pencil symbol (edit button) of the username that requires a reset of their codes, Figure 2. 

Figure 2

Step 3: Within the user settings window, select ‘Send email with new activation code’ and then click ‘Save’ to generate a new activation code for that user, Figure 3. 

Figure 3

Step 4: The user will then be sent a new email with their updated PIN and activation code, Figure 4. 

  • We recommend that the user allows fingerprint access to replace the PIN where available.

  • The activation code is only valid for one time use, so if the app has to be deleted for any reason a new activation code will be required.


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