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How to refresh your AOS Vision app

In some cases you may need to perform a forced refresh of the AOS Vision app on your mobile device. For an ECP, this may be required if a new patient you have added is not showing up in the app immediately.

To force your app to refresh, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the AOS Vision app

  2. Select the hamburger icon (the three lines at the top left of the screen). Figure 1.

  3. Select Settings. Figure 2.

  4. Select the Refresh Device option. Figure 3.

  5. Ensure your device is connected to the internet and confirm your selection by selecting Refresh Device. Figure 4.

  6. Wait for your app to refresh. You will be taken back to the homepage when this is complete, it may take up to a minute to complete.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

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