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Lid redness

How to analyse an image in Lid mode.

Lid Redness mode divides the lid into a 5-zone grid and provides a palpebral conjunctival redness score for each zone, Figure 2.

Feature Selection 

Step 1: Import your chosen image into the viewing area, select 'Lid' and the click 'Detect Lid Redness' to activate the drawing tool, Figure 1.

Figure 1

Feature Application

Step 1: Using the mouse, place the cursor on one corner of the area of interest and left click to place an anchor point (indicated by a small square).

Step 2: Continue to move the cursor and click in short intervals to form a border around the desired area.

Step 3: To finish, make your way to the first anchor point and left click to complete the selection. The first anchor point will be visible as a large square.

Step 4: Once all the anchor points are connected, the highlighted area will be further sub-divided into the 5-section grid. The redness score for each section is displayed automatically.

Step 5: The result panel corresponds to the individual grid sections on the image, Figure 2.

Figure 2




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