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Live Video Calls

How to start a patient video call.

Starting Patient Video Calls

  1. On the patient dashboard, click the 'Video Call' button, (Figure 1.)

  2. This will send an email and/or text message to the patient, which contains a link that the patient will need to click in order to start the video session via a web browser (Figure 3.)

  3. At this point, you will be taken to the live video screen which will open in a new window, see (Figure 4.) below. Click 'Start'. This will allow you to join the call with the patient (Figure 5.) 

  4. During the video call, you can add other users within your group to the call by selecting them from the registered user's dropdown (Figure 6.)

Figure 1

2. you will then be prompted you with a dialogue box with options to open a session with the named patient, (Figure 2.) Click 'Ok'.

Figure 2

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