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Patient instructions for joining a remote eye test

How to prepare for your remote eye test:

You will need the following things ready so that your remote eye test can run smoothly:

  • Bank card or ID (or a loyalty card of the same size). The card is needed for the initial set up for measuring purposes only (so we can confirm the size of your screen) and will not be used to take payment of any type.

  • A bright room with approx. 10ft/3m of space. You will need to be able to set up your device and walk backwards to perform a distance eye test. You do not need to measure this out yourself.

  • A laptop with a built in webcam. Please not that mobile phones and tablets are not compatible with this system.

Joining a remote eye test:

  1. At the time of your scheduled call you will receive an email invitation to join a remote eye test. The email will include a link and a PIN for that call.

  2. Click on the link and then enter the PIN to join.

Setting up for the remote eye test:

  1. The system will guide you through a number of setup screens before you connect to your eye care provider, including:

    1. Turning up screen brightness

    2. Turning up device volume

    3. Making the browser window full screen

    4. Checking audio and video work on the device

    5. Checking the room setup – in a bright room with 10ft/3m of space behind you.

  2. Once these steps have been completed your eye care provider will be notified and they will be able to initiate the video call - you do not have to do anything.

  3. Your eye care provider will then talk you through the calibration process and the test, they will stay connected via video call throughout the duration of the exam.

If you experience any issues starting the eye test, please reach out to your eye care provider.

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