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Requesting a Remote Image from a Patient

How to request your patients to take an image.

  1. The user will need to select the patient whom they want to receive an image from via the 'Select a patient' drop-down list as shown in Figure 1.  

    Figure 1

    2. This will then take the user to the Patient Record page for the selected patient as shown in Figure 2

    Figure 2

    3.The user now needs to click on the 'Request Patient Image' button as shown in Figure 3. 

Figure 3

4. Wait until the 'Success' notification has appeared. If this does not appear, simply select 'Request Patient Image' again, Figure 3.

5. A notification will be sent to the patient via email and text (if a contact telephone number is on their file) as shown in Figure 4 and 5. 

Figure 4

Figure 5


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