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Resetting a Patient's PIN

If a patient forgets their PIN for the AOS Vision mobile app, they will need to contact the ECP they are registered with.

ECP Patient Pin Reset

  1. The ECP (Admin/Pro/Basic User) will need to go to the Patient section within the 'Admin' site, Figure 1. 

  2. Click in the '+' symbol (Figure 2) to send a 'New Card'.  

  3. The patient will then be sent a new email with their PIN, Figure 3.

Figure 1

Figure 2

  • We recommend that the user allows fingerprint access to replace the PIN where available.

  • The patient will need to deactivate the app before using a new activation code, Figure 4. 

  • The activation codes are only valid for one time use, so if the app has to be deleted for any reason a new activation code (security card) will be required.

Figure 3


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