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Saving/Exporting Analysed Images

How to save or export images from a patient examination.

Saving User Analysis

  1. Once the analysis of an image is complete within the 'Examination' page, click the 'Save analysis' button at the bottom of the 'Key Feature' panel, Figure 1.

  2. The image will now appear in the 'Saved Results' panel to the right. 

Figure 1

Exporting Analysed Images 

  1. Follow the instruction for 'Saving User Analysis'.

  2. Select the intended image and then, click 'Export Image', Figure 2. This will then be downloaded to your device in the form of a .jpeg. 

  3. Wait until the image appears within your 'Downloads' dropdown. You can now access them through your native file browser.

Figure 2

Note: Only one image can be selected at any one time.

Whilst in this mode the rest of the screen will become inactive. In order to exit this mode, click on an image from the media gallery on the left-hand side of the screen. 

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