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Uploading a New Image

Follow the below instructions if you want to upload an image from a source other than the AOS Vision mobile app.

Uploading an Image

  1. On the 'Patient Record' page, click 'Add/View Images', Figure 1. 

Figure 1

Note: The Media Library contains all the images related to that patient, Figure 2.

Every image that was taken by the AOS Vision mobile app, either by the patient themselves or by the eye care provider, will automatically be transferred and stored in this location.

Figure 2

  1. Images from an alternative source can be added by clicking 'Add', Figure 3.

  2. Next a file can be selected and added to the media gallery, Figure 4. 


  • From the file location, you can select more than one image to be added to the 'Media Gallery', Figure 5. 

  • You can drag and drop multiple images at the same time from your desktop, Figure 6. 

  • There is a maximum image size of 4mb. Images larger than 4mb will be downsized to 4mb automatically. 

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

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