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Viewing / Editing images

How to view and subsequently rotate/crop/delete an image in the Media Gallery

Within the patient image database, it is possible to rotate, crop, delete and add specific information to each image. 

Media Gallery

  1. Log in using your credentials and select the relevant patient, Figure 1.

  2. Select New Exam from the patient record page, Figure 2. 

  3. Next, click on the + sign to access the Media Gallery, Figure 3.

select a patient-1

Figure 1

new exam-1

Figure 2

media gallery

Figure 3

Accessing image modifications

  1. Select the image that you want to view. 

  1. Click Edit/View to access all image modification options, Figure 4. 


Figure 4

Rotating an image 

  1. Click Rotate right or Rotate left until the desired position has been achieved, Figure 5. 

  2. Select Save to keep these modifications, Figure 5. 


Figure 5

Cropping an image

  1. Click Crop and edit to remove unnecessary content, Figure 6.

  2. Select Save to keep these modifications, Figure 6. 


Figure 6

Deleting an image

  1. Within the media gallery select the intended image(s), Figure 7.

  2. Once image(s) have been selected, click delete from the top panel, Figure 7. 


Figure 7

Marking as OD/OS

  1. Select the dropdown option whilst in edit/view mode to mark the image as OD/OS/Not specified

  2. This selection will automatically save in the system and will be displayed on reports when the image is used in an exam

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 11.40.05

Figure 8


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