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Zoom tool

How to use the zoom tool in the media gallery and in an exam session.

The zoom tool, as its name indicates, allows the user to zoom in and out of any image in the software. 

Step 1: Select an image from the image's column on the left, Figure 1. 

Figure 1

Step 2: The zoom functionality is off by default and needs to be activated. To activate, click the plus magnifying glass icon in the bottom left of the image and use the mouse pad or mouse roller to zoom in and out of the image, as shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2

Step 3: The image itself can be moved in any direction by holding the left button of the mouse down and dragging it, as shown in Figure 3 below. 

Figure 3

Step 4: To lock the image, click the magnifying glass icon again to disable zoom, as shown in Figure 4 below. 

Figure 4


  • The magnifying icon will appear grey when locked and white while activated. 

  • Please take into account that you can apply the zoom tool while using any of the core functions (Bulbar, Lid, Staining) and any of the additional tools (Annotate, Draw, Red Free, Enhance, Wratten, Ruler). 

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